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June is National Lipedema Awareness Month

Lipedema (or Lipoedema as it is spelled in the European community) is a chronic progressive fat disease of connective tissue that affects more than 11% of women and less than 1% of men worldwide. This adipose connective tissue disorder is characterized by bilateral symmetrical swelling of the legs, thighs, hips and sometime upper arms.  While

My Story With Lipedema

Welcome to my Lipedema story!  If you are reading this you probably have or suspect you might have Lipedema. If you suspect you have Lipedema please read the other information on my site on how to recognize, diagnose and treat your Lipedema as soon as possible!  Starting treatment early is paramount to halting the progression

Compassion Focused and Energy Healing Therapies [Lipedema]

Exercise is one great way to help tone essential muscles and stimulate lymphatic fluid movement. Did you know there are therapies or exercises we can use to help our emotional and spiritual self handle the devastating demands Lipedema and Lipo-Lymphedema can place on our bodies? In this article we will explore some compassion focused and

Best Christmas Present Ever!

This has been the best Christmas present ever to myself!  It is my first personal update on my fight to regain my health.  As many of you know I have severe stage 4 Lipo-Lymphedema along with Celiac Disease, MCAS, POTS, IBS, osteoarthritis, and leaky gut.  I’ve had three recent kidney stone attacks and also believe


To All My Lippy Sisters, Today I feel compelled to write this story to help others understand the true nature of this lipedema disease and the devastating effects in can have on someone’s life.  I know many of you can relate to all, if not most, of the aspects of this disease that diminish not