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Lipedema: 13 Reasons Keto Might Not Be Working For You

Are you questioning whether a ketogenic way of eating is right for you because you are not seeing the desired results? Or you are here because your progress has halted or plateaued? Or perhaps you have had a gap in your keto program and need pointers on how to get going and see results again?

Morbidly Obese Weight Loss Story Update – 95 Pounds Down!

I can't believe I am actually saying this, but I have successfully lost over 70 more pounds these past eight months on my quest for better health!!!  I have never lost more than about 20 pounds before, and that was lymph fluid not fat.  While I still have more than 200 pounds more to go,

Best Christmas Present Ever!

This has been the best Christmas present ever to myself!  It is my first personal update on my fight to regain my health.  As many of you know I have severe stage 4 Lipo-Lymphedema along with Celiac Disease, MCAS, POTS, IBS, osteoarthritis, and leaky gut.  I’ve had three recent kidney stone attacks and also believe